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Maa Gauri Festival

There are many festivals dedicated to goddess parvati. young girls worship her to get noble husband . 

Gauri Festival

Gauri Festival is considered auspicious festival of goddess parvati which is is celebrated on the seventh, eighth, ninth of Bhadrapada Shukla paksha. She is worshipped as the goddess of harvest and protectors of women. She is motivator for every mother and wife . This festival is popular in in Maharashtra and Karnataka.


Gangaur isar

In Rajasthan the worship of Gauri happens during the Gangaur festival. The festival starts on the first day of Chaitra the day after Holi and continues for 18 days. Images of Issar and Gauri are made from Clay for the festival.

Gauri tritiya

Another festival Gauri tritiya is celebrated from Chaitra shukla third to Vaishakha shukla third. It is believed that goddess parvati spends a month at her parent`s home now. This festival is popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka,

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