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Goddess Maa Laxmi Fast Vrat Story

Sheela and her husband were a hardworking, rich, happy, prosperous and religious couple who were passionate followers of Mother Lakshmi. Sheela`s husband was a well famous businessman. They used to organize prayers meetings , Bhajan Programs at their home and in the goddess temple on Fridays.
Maa Laxmi Fast Story Time after time , time never remains same and time played a painful role in their life . Sheela`s husband became habituated to gambling and drinking and indulged in all kinds of bad habits. Inspite of Sheela`s perpetual request to mend his habits, he misused money and they became poor. Sheela was struck with grief but she had the faith that someday the family situation will improve. She stopped going to the temple since she thought that she would not be able to worship the Goddess with concentration. although she used to pray and sing at home.

One fine day, Sheela met a lady at her door. The visitor was a charm looking lady whom Sheela couldnt recognize. In fact, the lady was Goddess Lakshmi herself. The lady said that they had met each other at the Mahalakshmi temple on Fridays attending a religious program . Sheela recalled that she hadnot been frequenting the temple for quite some time. When the lady enquired about her family, Sheela was upset and described about how her husbands habits had affected their life. The lady mentioned to her that happiness and sorrow are cyclical in nature. She asked for Sheela to worship Goddess Lakshmi in the same manner she used to do before and narrated the details of how she should perform the Vaibhavlakshmi pooja.
Sheela was very happy to hear about the fast and she started her fast the following Friday. The lady requested her to distribute 11,21, 51 or 101 Vaibhavlakshmi books while concluding her fast. She performed the pooja and the fast with faith and fervor. She could see miraculous changes in her husbands behaviour. Once he got rid of the vices, the family circumstances improved and their happiness and prosperity returned. The neighbours inquired about Sheela`s prosperity and she described the method of performing Vaibhavlakshmi vrata. The word spread across the town and there were many who reaped the fruits of their worship. Sheela concluded her fast and the couple continued to visit the Goddess Lakshmi temple on Fridays.
Thus it is believed that one who performs the Vaibhavalakshmi fast and pooja gets his wishes granted with Goddess Lakshmi`s blessings.


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