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Goddess Maa Kali Mantra

Mantra is short and powerful line  to invoke the power of our beloved deity to gain the blessings and completing the desire task . You can take guide to Guru to what time and what method is used to chant .Kali mantra is powerful source to get divine shakti . devotee gets supreme power and positive energy by reciting her mantra

Kali mantra is powerful source to get divine shakti.

How to chant Maa kali mantra in proper way

Goddess kali

1) Take a bath before sun rise .
2) Wear clean white or orange cloth.
3) Sit on a Aasan before Goddess Idol
4) Lit a Diya and insane
5) Offer Flowers and sweets
6) Now Chant the Mantra with deeply true heart

Beej Mantra For Goddess Maa Kaali


Maa Kali Mantra to get pleasures and prosperity

1) | Aum Kring Kring Kring Hrung Hrung Hring Hring Guihe Kaalike |
    | Kring Kring Kring Hrang Hrung Hring Hring Swaahaa |

2) | Aum Kring Guihe Kaalike Kring Swaaha |

3) | Aum Kring Hrung Hring, Guihe Kaalike |
     | Kring Kring Hung Hung Hring Hring Swaahaa |

All Ambitions being realised

4) | Aum Hung Hung Hring Hring Guihe Kaalike|
     | Kring Kring Hung Hring Hring Swaahaa |

righteousness, wealth, desires and salvation)

5 ) Om krim kalikayai namah :



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