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        Xiamen Creotech, Ins. provides Analog and RF solution in chip and module designs.


        • Founded in 2012, Xiamen Creotech Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a Sino-US joint venture company dedicated to high-tech analog and rf products.

        • The company has developed 5W Beidou PA, LNA and other products. The 5W Beidou PA project has been awarded the National Innovation Funding. The company has also developed a series of products such as Gain Block.
        • The company has developed 802.11N discrete chipsets, including PA, LNA, and SW series products, also developed a single-pole multi-throw mobile phone switch chip.

        •  The company developed the 802.11AC normal power FEM chips. The company received the national high-tech enterprise certificate.
        • The company completed the shareholder system transformation and changed from a LTD company to a shareholding company. The company was elected as a board member of Xiamen IC Industry Association.
        • The company has passed ISO9001 certification. The company developed 802.11N/AC medium power FEM chips.
        • The company was elected as a board member of Xiamen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. The company won the 13th "China Core" Excellent Technology Innovation Product Award, and continued to develop 802.11AC miniaturized FEM, high power FEM and communication power amplifier chips.